Fall clean up

Fall clean up  is upon us.  For most this includes: Lifting and moving patio furniture, organizing garages, raking and dragging leaves. All these activities can bring on injury, especially in the low back. Proper identification and preparation can prevent injury and optimize time spent performing these chores. Identification – Can I lift and carry this item without sustaining an injury? When preparing to perform lifting

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Staying motivated

Staying motivated Regular physical activity can increase hormones that can make you feel happier, sleep better and improve your skin's appearance.  In addition regular exercise can help you lose weight, decrease your risk of chronic disease and improve your sex life.  Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week and at least two days a week of high intensity

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How to safely start an exercise program

How to safely start an exercise program In the “new normal” many of us have more free time and started to exercise. Whether you are new to exercise or just getting back into it. There are a few things to be aware of to make your transition into the exercise realm safer. Here are some basic guidelines so you can make the most of working

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Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of cycling Most of my patients know I am an avid cyclist.  My experiences with cycling have been nothing but positive! I have seen beautiful landscapes, met wonderful people and racing has challenged myself both mentally and physically.  Personally cycling has helped me with managing stress, improving my time management and maintaining my health.  There are a lot of benefits of cycling but here are

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  What is telehealth? Telehealth is a live, one-on-one video appointment with your PT. In these times of social distancing and public safety telehealth has become a viable option to treat patients. It enables patients to communicate with their physical therapist from the safety and comfort of their own home. Benefits of telehealth: Effectiveness: Studies have shown that telehealth visits are just as effective as

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Plantar Fasciitis

Spring is when we start to see flowers and of course patients with plantar fasciitis! The warmer weather brings us all out of our house to clean up our yards, walk around the neighborhood and start our running season. Sometimes people are a little over ambitious with their activities which can lead to a common orthopedic issue called plantar fasciitis. What is it? Plantar fasciitis

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