Wilton Physical Therapy has been serving Wilton and the surrounding communities for over 20 years and while our location has recently changed, our goal of keeping you active, healthy and happy remains the same!

Whether you come to us as an athlete, professional or senior we are committed to providing you with the best care during your recovery. Let’s face it: being injured is a drag (we know!), and we’re committed to ensuring that your road to recovery is as pleasant as possible.

Corey L

“I am writing this recommendation from both a health care professional and patient perspective. I have experienced full recovery from running related injuries, including hamstring strain, ITB issues, plantar fasciitis, and a herniated disc, allĀ thanks to the treatment provided by Tony and Amanda. With each injury I thought my running days were near end, yet I would always leave WPT stronger and smarter about how to prevent injury, maintain strength, and actually improve performance. The administrative staff (Christy and Beth) are so proficient in arranging appointments and managing the billing claims and also extremely courteous and responsive to all questions and concerns. This is a PT practice for all types of injuries, not just sports related issues. As a nurse, I would highly recommend that my patients seek Wilton Physical Therapy for all of their rehabilitation needs. As a patient, I would not consider any other practice for treatment.”

Diane H.

“I have had 3 injuries in the past 2-3 years and Wilton Physical Therapy has always put me on the schedule immediately! Tony Grabiec is extremely knowledgeable and has always resolved my issues with the right exercises. The atmosphere is warm, inviting and fully equipped. I would highly recommend Wilton Physical Therapy.”

Robert S.

“Fun atmosphere. Serious physical therapy. Tony is awesome – getting me back to 100%.”

Phyllis M.

“My husband and I are both satisfied clients of Wilton physical therapy. The atmosphere is professional and pleasant while not being stuffy. Tony gives a great massage and is full of witticisms as well!”